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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

In 2020, we turned 10 years old. As part of our celebration of a decade of advertising effectiveness, our teams got together to reminisce about the biggest lessons we’ve learned since starting this crazy journey.

So much has happened in a decade. Back in 2010, we didn’t have Uber or Snapchat, and half of Generation Z wasn’t even born yet. Over the past decade, the media landscape has transformed into a state that’s completely unrecognizable from 10 years ago. (Check out our fun interactive timeline to see what else changed in these 10 years!) 

Throughout this time period, we evolved our product solutions to help the CPG advertising community keep up with these seismic shifts. From lessons on teamwork to machine learning, what follows is a list of the biggest things we’ve learned, that have been pivotal to our growth and innovation in improving the effectiveness of advertising—for all brands, across all media (our company mission).

1. Dream teams breed ideation

A decade of technology has changed our industry tremendously; strong teams are particularly essential to converting vision into reality during times of rapid change.

2. Data scientists and creatives need each other

Even the best creative will not drive sales if not delivered to the right consumer. The sales impact of advertising is greatest when art and science align for the sake of the audience.

3. What makes a good return on ad spend (ROAS)?

We know you want to be the best. But when it comes to ROAS, know who you should compare yourself to. ROAS is dependent on the medium, the brand and the strategy. No two brands or campaigns are the same, so it doesn’t really make sense to evaluate them all by the same metric.

4. Do what you say

As it turns out, clients and prospects trust you when you do what you say you will— a simple, yet powerful value. Don’t underestimate the value of trust. Timely and accurate data is a must today; accept nothing less.

5. Innovation is better with friends

You’ll be more successful if you innovate with your customers. We have iterated and innovated for stronger and more accurate advertising effectiveness with our customers right by our side for a decade now.

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