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Purchase Data: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet When You Optimize In-Flight

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CPG marketers have a need for faster and more frequent purchase signals. Not only must they prove that their advertising is providing a strong return on investment, but they need it yesterday. To help our clients know what’s working and make near real-time advertising decisions, NCS has launched Purchase Data Metrics or PDM for digital campaigns.

Designed to help CPG marketers identify the most effective strategies and tactics that optimize sales from their ad campaigns, PDM can be accessed on-demand, with data updated daily, making it the fastest and most frequent purchase signal available for the CPG industry today. PDM is currently being used in proprietary platforms developed by several publishers and portals to deliver more effective advertising across their properties.

The solution has been tested in-market for the past year and is powering positive sales results for the advertisers who are currently using it. In a recent A/B test with Oath, a leading CPG brand drove higher sales lifts and return on ad spend (ROAS) when advertising was optimized by PDM vs. the non-optimized advertising. These results of the A/B were measured using NCS Sales Effect.

“Signals from PDM provide important data that inform Oath’s InFlight Sales Analysis Suite and help marketers move toward a future where they no longer rely solely on proxy KPIs like viewability and frequency for optimization. Exciting results from the past three quarters have illustrated that optimizing campaigns with these signals can lead to big wins for our clients.”

Jeremy Gold, VP, CPG Industry Lead at Oath

Like what you see? Contact us to learn how Purchase Data Metrics can begin optimizing YOUR campaign’s return on ad spend (ROAS) today.


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