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We Heart Publishers: Best Practices for Growth in 2019

By: Lisa Kerins, Vice President, Publisher Client Consulting, NCS

Through discussions with our publisher clients over the past several months, my team has observed some clear issues and pain points that have popped up time and time again. Many of these are related to doing business in the fast-changing and ever more crowded ad tech space.

Competition is intense. Not only between publishers, but also among emerging content formats and across channels. Not to mention, trying to keep up with all of the technical advancements and research. Advertising barely resembles what it looked like even 10 years ago.

But all of these changes, and even the level of competition, have pushed the industry to new heights. The capabilities available today for creating relevant and useful advertising, that offer value to consumers, are outstanding.

To help our clients compete in today’s environment, and position their advertising channels as strategic and effective options, we’ve created an eBook outlining best practices that we’ve seen to be effective across the industry. Here’s a preview:

  1. Know the audience that engages with your platform.
  2. Know your platform and your advertiser’s key objectives.
  3. Offer value-adds that really are valuable.
  4. Educate. Educate. Educate.
  5. Collaborate with your partners to win new business.
  6. Think outside the box when it comes to metrics and data.
  7. Make sure the metrics you deliver to your advertisers are comparable to metrics on other channels.
  8. Put privacy first and offer value in exchange for data.

For ten years, we’ve helped our publisher clients create more effective solutions for CPG advertisers. Let’s talk more about how we can help you do the same.

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