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NCS Now Offers Sales Effect Measurement for YouTube Advertising

New Solution Brings Consistent and Comparable Sales Metrics to CPG Advertisers

By Carl Spaulding, EVP Strategy

It’s no secret that CPG brands today are looking for a better way to understand how their digital advertising investment is working. Even with all of today’s modern and innovative measurement solutions, it’s been hard to prove the return for digital marketing in a way that’s comparable across all types of digital publisher environments.

Over the past year, NCS has been working closely with Google to continue advancing in this area. To bring a new level of accountability to digital advertising, NCS has created an independent, next generation solution for consistently measuring the incremental U.S. sales driven by CPG ad campaigns delivered via nearly any digital publisher.

In an advertiser CMO’s ideal world, user exposure data from all publishers would be commingled to support direct apples-to-apples comparison of sales lift by publishers. However, leading publishers hold a high bar on user privacy and are not able to share user data. The next best thing is to ensure that measurement methodologies are comparable, giving advertisers a level playing field for making ad dollar allocation decisions across publishers.

Now, advertisers can use NCS’s next generation Sales Effect solution to measure the sales lift driven by their investments in YouTube.  And, NCS developed its new methodology approach to ensure that sales lift results are comparable across other publisher campaign results measured by NCS, whether measured inside or outside a publisher’s owned environment.
More simply: Advertisers can now be confident that the measured sales results of their YouTube advertising can be compared “like to like” with results from other digital publishers.

While there are other solutions in the market for digital sales measurement, results for many publishers often exist in a vacuum. These other measurements are often done with different methodologies or use different metrics and a comparison isn’t possible or doesn’t make sense.

In the competitive CPG space, where growth has never been more difficult, advertisers can’t afford to invest their budgets in places that aren’t driving incremental sales for their brands. We are excited to be the first to bring this comparable sales effect solution to the industry, starting with YouTube.

To learn more about measuring the sales resulting from your YouTube advertising campaigns, or to learn more about the NCS next gen Sales Effect,  click here.

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