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How PepsiCo Converted Cord Cutters in its Quaker Oats Campaign with Roku

By Peter Topol, VP, Advanced TV Partnerships, NCSolutions

The media landscape is changing at a rapid pace with more and more consumers streaming TV, and this shift has accelerated even more during the pandemic. For brands, this means adapting their media plans to meet customers where they are. 

In its Quaker hot cereal campaign, PepsiCo was dealing first-hand with this challenge in its efforts to reach consumers who had shifted toward more streaming. Because the Quaker consumer skews younger than the average linear TV viewer, it was missing a core portion of its audience in its linear campaign alone. 

To reach more buyers in its TV campaign, PepsiCo sought out to complement its linear campaign with an OTT/CTV campaign, with the goal to reach an unduplicated and incremental audience to drive sales in the long-term. 

In the video below Kate Brady, Head of Media Innovation & Partnership Development, PepsiCo NA and Jessica Masters, Director of Sales, East, Roku Inc., discuss how they collaborated to make Quakers’ campaign dollars work harder and drive sales from new and lapsed buyers. 

Roku provided the digital reach and NCS tied it all together and provided the insights. The results were impressive, showing:

  • PepsiCo increased unduplicated reach by 12%
  • 75% of incremental sales from campaign were from new or lapsed buyers
  • Extending reach via OTT targeting is a sound strategy

To ensure that your campaigns are motivating purchases by reaching the right consumers at the right time and place, collaborate with Roku and NCS. 


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