Better Advertising Starts NOW

    By Matt O’Grady, CEO

    The possibilities of big data and advanced technologies have opened up an unprecedented potential for creating and delivering very effective advertising.

    Coupled with what we’ve learned about how brands grow and how consumers respond to advertising, a successful campaign can have a serious impact on business outcomes.

    For NCS, the past decade has been focused on building the best datasets, methodologies and technologies to help CPG advertisers grow their brands with advertising that sells more products. We’ve advanced the advertising industry with data-driven answers to the big questions. While we remain true to our roots in single-source CPG data, we’ve also evolved.

    Our team is so excited about the next generation of NCS, as it will continue to rely on unparalleled data assets. We will continue to hone our methodology with the most rigorous scientific process and innovative technologies. We’re bringing this history with us to the future. And the future is now. Today, we are focused on unleashing the potential of advertising by innovating in five major areas:

    1. Target: Enabling simple activation of purchase-based audience segments, wherever advertising is delivered.

    There’s an opportunity TODAY to target advertising using advanced purchase-based audiences, on every media platform, resulting in a media buy that sells more products…the only real measure of success.

    – Lance Brothers, Chief Revenue Officer

    2. Optimize: Delivering reliable in-flight metrics for real-time tactic optimization.

    As media is increasingly delivered in real-time using automated decision software, CPG advertisers need solutions for optimizing tactics in-flight and informing better business outcomes.”

    – Patrick Gut, Vice President, Advertiser & Agency

    3. Measure: Enabling always-on sales measurement.

    In-flight metrics are very effective at optimizing tactics quickly while a campaign airs, but they typically represent a moment in time. To truly understand the impact of an advertising campaign, and make better future decisions, advertisers need to couple in-flight metrics with regular incremental sales measurement.

    – Carl Spaulding, EVP of Strategy

    4. Compare: Establishing a comparable sales metric across all digital and TV publishers.

    With all of the ways and places to advertise today, there are a lot of hard choices to be made about how to allocate spending. Until we can consistently and comparably measure the sales impact from advertising on every platform, those choices won’t get easier.

    – Leslie Wood, Chief Research Officer

    5. Forecast: Helping CPG advertisers create more impactful campaigns from the start, with predictive analytics and prescriptive advice.

    It really all starts with planning. Using outcomes-driven planning, which allows us to anticipate the sales response to a campaign, we’re helping advertisers plan more impactful ads from the start.

    – Matt O’Grady, CEO

    Get in touch if you’d like to talk about how these next-generation solutions and services can help grow your brand in 2019.


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