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How do I get the right message in front of the right consumer?

Chevron Circle

Every ad campaign is part art (the creative) and part science (the targeting). Put compelling creative in front of the right audience at the right time, and you’re all but assured success. (If only it were always that simple.)

The difficulty is in determining the relative influence of creative and targeting in a campaign. NCS developed a methodology to isolate the effects of each and examined how and why they complement each other.

Taking into account flighting, seasonality and reach, the study focuses on how different sets of consumers respond to different pieces of creative, and at what point in the purchase cycle consumers are most responsive to advertising. The study leads to the development of a new audience-targeting paradigm: purchase-driven planning.

By knowing how different consumer groups react to different kinds of creative in different contexts, marketers are able to more accurately target their campaigns and achieve a higher ROI.

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